Our authentic sourdough loaves are baked fresh daily! Because they are hand made, we do have a limited amount. Loaves are first come, first served. You may place an order to reserve your sourdough for orders of $50 or more and with 3 days notice.
Daily Baking Schedule:
Classic (white), Classic Special, and Country loaves in various sizes are baked Tuesday-Saturday afternoons.
Classic (white) loaves in various sizes & Baguettes are baked Wednesday-Sunday mornings. 
Rye loaves are baked Sunday Mornings.
Toasts & Coffee are served all day.
This is our baking guideline that we stick to 95% of the time. The baker loves flexibility so please forgive us if he skips a day of baguettes here and there. :)
Feel free to give us a call during the day to see what dough the baker has going and to get a time estimate of when the first loaves will be coming out of the oven for dinner. (512) 800-0414.
100% of the bread we make is authentic sourdough. We vary the types of flour to create some variety that we hope you appreciate. Here's what we currently offer:
Classic (white): Our most popular bread, most similar to what you'd find in San Francisco. These come in small round sizes (great for bread bowls!), long loaves, and baguettes.
Classic Special: The same recipe as our Classic (white), but this bread uses heritage grain wheats from Barton Springs Mill. These come in large round loaves. We also make these in baguettes occasionally.
Country: This sourdough loaf uses Barton Springs Mill wheat flour, rye flour, and spelt flour. It is versatile and full of flavor. These come in large rounds.
Rye: This is our newest addition! We use 100% rye flour in addition to our sourdough starter. (no commercial yeast EVER!) Try one of these large pan loaves on Sundays.
Occasionally the baker will also bake some honey-oat, or some experimental sourdoughs. (Cranberry/orange/pecan, roasted garlic & rosemary, etc.)

1025 Sendero Springs Drive

Ste. 160

Round Rock, TX 78681


Tuesdays 3pm-7pm

Wed-Sat 7am-7pm

Sundays 7am-1pm

Closed Mondays


(512) 800-0414