Currently selling at local farmers markets in the Austin area. Opening our production bakery in Round Rock around Thanksgiving, 2019!

A Veteran Owned Business

Opening soon in

Round Rock!

Baking From 

The Heart

Sanford Sourdough Bakery is proud to bake our bread without the addition of extra yeasts, preservatives, or fillers.

We encourage you to look at the food label on the bread you usually buy and understand the ingredients listed - many of which are used to speed up the rising process, supplement flavor (since they don't allow enough time for natural flavor development), add color, or they are preservatives to add to shelf life. We believe that shortcuts can be unhealthy (and less delicious!), so we make all of our bread the slow, hand made, authentic way.

It's an honor to bake for you,

The Sanford Family


1025 Sendero Springs Drive

Ste. 160

Round Rock, TX 78681

(Opening Soon!)


(512) 800-0414